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15 Mar

5 reasons to get a bean bag chair

5 reasons to get a bean bag chair

Big White Fat Boys Bean Bag Chair

Have you ever sat in a bean bag chair and just uncomfortably sagged into the floorboards? I used to own one and it didn’t take long for the filling to deflate and become a useless lump. Clearly, the bean bag chairs of yore had an expiry date. How disappointing.
But years after I had retired my chair and given up on the concept, I receive an invite for a bean bag chair event with Beanbag Boss. They’ve brought them back and I was definitely curious.
Well, I went. I saw. They impressed.

The shape is different, but the concept is the same – just done better. They’re large square cushions that lie flat and can be molded into a seat. But the shape and quality of the manufacturing is what makes it much more functional.

Toss out any old bean bag nightmares from the past – I have. But in case you’re still unsure, here are 5 reasons you should invest in one from Beanbag Boss:
1 Shape
It’s not a saggy, unsightly blob – hooray! It’s actually a 4.5’ x 5’ flat cushion that you pick up and mold to your liking. Being flat also makes them easier to store. Just tuck it under the bed!

2 Durable
You can tell from just touching the nylon chairs that they’re meant to last. They won’t stretch or tear easily. Even the faux leather and lamé materials, which are softer, aren’t supposed to stretch. It’s even durable for outdoors! But be careful. Like other outdoor nylon it can become faded from sun exposure.

3 Resilient filling
Not only are the polystyrene foam beans lightweight, but they recover faster than old bean bag filling. So instead of having a saggy chair from compressed foam beans, Beanbag Boss filling bounces back after you get up to better maintain its shape.

4 Functional
My old chair had one way to sit in it – whichever way was comfortable, and even that was hit or miss. These new bean bags can be used in multiple ways. Flat, regular, teardrop, horsy, laid back or for two – check out the video to see all the ways you can use them!

5 Stylish
I’m aware my black corduroy bean bag chair was the eye sore of my room, but Beanbag Boss chairs are much easier on the eyes. They come in three different fabrics (nylon, faux leather and lamé) and numerous colours and prints. And they’ll continue to come out with new looks to keep up with the fashion and décor trends. Rumour has it we’ll see new styles for back-to-school and Christmas!

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