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25 Aug

A Buying Guide on Footstools

Yellow Square Bean Bag Ottoman

Footstools are functional and statement pieces of furniture that do a lot to complete the look of a space. At its basics, these comprise of padded cushions, resting atop wooden frames that act as foot rests. Of course, there are but countless variations to this basic theme and contemporary ones have emerged to be of exhaustive variety. This footstool buying guide will enlighten you on all you need to know about the different styles, fabrics and purposes of these stools, so that you can purchase one that rewards you as well as your living room with the benefits of wondrous elegance and appreciation from guests for the many years to come.

Footstool materials

• Leather: Leather footstools pose plenty of obvious advantages. They are highly resilient to tearing staining and bunching and have a responsive, soft quality that is comfortable against the skin. Brown leather footstool is a beautiful statement piece for living room furniture.

• Fabric: Fabric ones are easy to pull off, as they feature striking adornments and interesting colour combinations. Although less durable than leather ones, they come in an assortment of designs and are easy to cleanup or change by mood or season.

• Rattan: A popular choice for indoor sofa sets as well as outdoor patios, rattan stools are durable, lightweight and an essential add-on for wicker seating. They are trendy, easy to customize and require cost-effective, occasional cleanups, to guarantee life-long utility.

• Memory foam: One of the most budget-friendly, colour-coordinated types to come to the forefront since the last decade, is the memory foam footstool. Being polyurethane in essence, memory foam is supportive, elastic and resilient to varying degrees of heat. They are lightweight, fuss-free and convenient to adorn with decorative slipcovers of choice. Also, they are very much recommended for sufferers of chronic leg pain.

Footstool Designs

This piece of furniture with its countless designs may serve a wide variety of purposes, which adjudges them as an essential must-have for the living room.

• Space-friendly Gliders: Glider footstools are an instant hit with the children and the elderly, as they offer versatile reclining options and add extra support when used with rocking chairs. They form a soothing way to lull away children to sleep.

• Compact sleeper options: If you lack a separate guest room and occasionally require an additional bedding option for recurring house guests, then consider buying sleeper ottoman. They are comfortable, supportive and their convertible features make them fun to sleep in.

• Poignant coffee tables: Coffee-table styles may be used with the dual purpose of footrests and coffee tables. They are versatile, separable and occupy less space, which make them ideal to adorn cosy quarters. You can use them for holding magazines, breakfast, laptop as well as your feet, all at the same time!

• Storage footstools: Storage stools form the complete package, as they are act as both, attractive centre-pieces and additional storage compartments for stashing away extra stuff in the last minute. They provide for an uncluttered and well-designed living room.

Footstool shapes

These furniture come in a huge range of shapes that are as myriad as far as tour imagination can possibly stretch! Square, rectangular, round and wedge are some of the commonly found shapes. Each of them is unique in its own right and does not compromise with functionality.

With the information given, there is no ambiguity to the fact that footstools come in an exhaustive array of designs, fabrics and geometric patterns. Whatever be their outward appearance, you can count on them to provide you with practical functionality as well as an understated elegance, in equal measure.

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