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03 Aug

Bean Bag Chairs Make Great Kids Furniture

Bean bag chairs were originally conceived in the 1960’s by an Italian fashion design team in an effort to create unique, modern furniture. Since then, they’ve climbed from relative obscurity to a household name.

They were first designed as a pear-shaped leather bag called “Sacco,” the Italian word for “bag.” Initially, there was little interest until they began mass production. It was then that the Sacco became a cultural icon.

The leather covers soon gave way to cheaper, vinyl canvases, and were filled with polystyrene “beans” to save on manufacturing costs.

After these changes were made, the term “bean bag chairs” was created. The movement quickly built up momentum and in the 1970’s they became a sign of the times. Everyone had a bean bag chair in their home dwellings.

Many manufacturers began jumping on the bean bag bandwagon and adding them to their interior design lines. After a brief lull that lasted a decade, their popularity soared in the 1990’s during an unprecedented “retro fad” where suddenly everything related to the 70’s was cool again.

Again, with the increase in popularity, manufacturers were up to the task of keeping up with demand. However, many producers cut costs in the manufacturing process, and the result was an unsafe product.

In 1999, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recalled thousands of unsafe bean bag chairs, citing health hazards for children. Kids were unzipping their bean bags and crawling inside, often suffocating on the tiny pellets.

Soon, over 30,000 bean bag chairs for children made by cost cutting manufacturers had been recalled. Coincidentally, none of these manufacturers are still in business.

Since the recall, certain safety precautions have been implemented to insure your child’s safety. When looking for bean bag chairs for children, make sure they have these safety features:

Child-Proof Zippers- to prevent children from crawling inside, some bean bags have double locking zippers that are tamper-proof.

Foam Filling- instead of dangerous tiny beans inside, many bean bags now use shredded foam that is not only safer, but more comfortable.

Now, your kids bean bag chairs are not only comfortable, but completely safe as well.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission holds the responsibility of protecting consumers and families from injury from poorly manufactured products.

To report a hazardous consumer product, please call the CPSC at (800) 638-2772, or visit Toddler Bean Bag Chair For Kids

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