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17 Feb

Bean bag you need to know before buying

Blue Leather Bean Bag Covers OnlyWe may have heard of bean bag chairs, it is filled with plastic balls large sandbags. People sitting on a large sandbag when the sandbag can adapt to the shape of the human body, people sit comfortably do not want to stand up, so the bean bag chair is also called lazy sofa.

Lazy sofa has a lot of names, such as lazy bones, bean bags, etc., English called bean bag. There is no doubt that lazy sofa is called the most loud name.

Lazy sofa was originally designed, it is very simple, just a big bag, which is filled with plastic particles. And it is such a big bag, both comfortable and meet the young people curious psychology, which is popular, the development of a lot of branches.
Lazy sofa come into China, but also to “lazy bones”, “bean bag” in the name of the world. At that time, its audience was mainly young people in the city, and was used as a toy in the form of home.

With the continuous development of the market, people on a so lazy sofa demand continues to increase, so then the lazy bones began to be more in the form of a home in front of people, lazy sofa name is gradually loud. Lazy sofa is both interesting and stressed its function, so get people’s favorite.
However, the material of the bag outside the ordinary bean bag is divided into soft and hard, and it is not the surface and the darling of the surface, but if only the soft surface is not hard, the ordinary bean bag can not Keep the chair or the shape of the sofa in the case of sitting.
The lazy sand is still very broadly called, including both the original bean bag and the lazy sofa with true meaning, and even the folding sofa bed.

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