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27 Sep

Common sense of the beanbag


Modern society pay attention to innovation, a wide range of sofas, and some sofa is not the kind of much heavy but not easy to moving. You don’t believe?Beanbag is like that!


1. The origins of Beanbag.

The idea of ​​making beanbag sofa is inspired by Japanese cushions, which may make you feel a little strange, but the beanbag sofa is really meant to be used on tatami (which can be understood as a special floor) instead of uncomfortable traditional cushion,so developed the beanbag.

If understanding for beanbag sofa,it is designed to know are relatively short. This is to make it better directly use on the floor, tatami and the carpet,but also make it lighter. Compared to the force of the body to focus on the waist in the chair, it can make the body’s force becomes balance. legs and the waist will not hurt of long sitting.


2.about the beanbag,you can not know these!

Sitting on the beanbag, legs may need to be on the ground. If the floor of their own home assured, then sit directly on the floor. If the home is a marble floor, it is recommended to use with the carpet, or the kind of cold feet of the cold hands of experience will make you feel lazy couch sofa impression greatly reduced.

Nowadays,the beanbag on the marketing is sofa body and the external sofa sets separately sold(Ingenuity of the people can be used favorite fabrics make up a sofa cover. Inside most of the foam particles, this design can be a good reduction of vibration, wrap the body and jump directly will not hurt.

Warm tips: Afternoon nap in the sofa, with nursing neck pillow will sleep more fragrant.

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