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11 Jan

Do you know what to look for when choosing a beanbag chair?

Do you know what to look for when choosing a beanbag chair?

Beanbags have been around forever. Most people probably had one in their house as they were growing up. People still buy them today because they just are a great piece of furniture. If you are buying a beanbag for the first time, what should you look for?
Location: where is the beanbag furniture going to be used? Beanbags make great furniture to use in any room. Many teenagers have them in their bedrooms but they fit just as easily into the game room or even the living room. Some students have them in their dorm at college. I bought my first beanbag chair in college and kept it for many years.
Knowing where the beanbag chair will be will help in determining the other factors.

Color is an obvious factor. You want your beanbag chair to fit in with the décor either as a blend or as a contrast. Some beanbags have a theme for a child’s favorite character while others have a sports theme. The choice of color is almost endless.

Material is a factor that takes serious consideration and again depends upon where and by whom the chair is used. Denim and leather are hard wearing while vinyl is a practical choice for a kids bedroom or where drinks are liable to get spilled.
Vinyl is a very easy material to wipe clean with a damp cloth. For a den or living room, high quality cotton or suede are good choices and are just as durable.

Size: What sizes do they come in? Chairs and other beanbag furniture come in sizes to suit everyone. Sizes range from kid to adult and there is beanbag furniture that will comfortably fit several people.

Wear and tear: Bean bags are the ideal furniture for the rough and tumble of kids. They are safe, they are fun and a customized beanbag with their favorite character or their own name will make them feel extra special.

Beanbags are for everyone. Many adults prefer lounging in a beanbag to a conventional armchair. You will be able to find a beanbag in a style large enough to fit most adults. Many are large enough to sleep on and are great for sleepovers.

Comfort and support:

Beanbags are extremely comfortable. They provide great back support, which relieves the stress on the body’s pressure points. If you need something that provides extra support, get a beanbag chair that has foam filler. Over time, the foam filler will conform to your body, making your beanbag the perfect seat.

Price: the price that you want to pay for a good strong, durable and comfortable beanbag chair is of great importance. While you do not want to pay top price, you should never buy the cheapest. Remember the old adage about getting what you pay for. There are some very good beanbags at comparable prices available.

A beanbag chair can make for comfortable, decorative, space-saving furniture.

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