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07 Mar

Enjoy With Large Bean Bags

Enjoy With Large Bean Bags



The bean bag chair has never gone out of style. Quite the opposite, these chairs have become much more popular. They are liked by everyone be it kids, teens or the adults as being very comfortable in nature. Specially designed for one or two people, these large bean bag chairs now are known by several popular names. Whether you call it a poof chair, fuf chair, foof chair or a love sac, there must be some large bean bag chair just right for you. Imagine curling up in cozy comfort of a plush large chair with or without your loved one sharing a coffee and watching a late night movie. Just the idea relaxes you many degrees.

These large bags come in varying sizes; some are large enough for two average adults to lounge in complete comfort. Manufactured with newer, higher quality materials, these large bag chairs are the ultimate in comfort. These large sized bags usually measures over fifty inches crossways which provides enough to lounge and relax. Available in many different cool and calm colors with comfy fabrics, these large chairs are ideal for the casual room decor.

Today’s large bag chairs are very convenient for normal usage as they come with locking zippers and washable outer covers along with a comfortable combination of polystyrene beads and shredded foam. Many retailers that offer these bags have even started referring their large these chairs as poof chairs, fuf chairs, foof chairs and even love sacs.

The large bag chairs started their journey from the American casual furniture market in the late 1960s. However history says that the original concept of the large chairs was first developed by the well known Italian company called Zanotta which was destroyed after the World War Two like many other Italian companies. Zanotta developed the Sacco chair and launched this new chair on the market in 1969. With its distinctive teardrop shape, the Sacco chair was not an immediate hit with consumers.

After overcoming some initial production difficulties, the Sacco chair was soon made available to the American market. Since then it has been an iconic hit as they have changed quite a lot from a poorly designed vinyl, zippered bag filled with plastic beads to plush, comfortable seats. One of the major and the most obvious changes to the modest bean bag is the switch from polystyrene beads to shredded foam. The earlier designs were not very comfortable. In fact anyone who owned an early design bean bag chair must remember those irritating and annoying plastic beads. Having a seam fail while into your bean bag was likely to fill the room with a whiteout of tiny beads that seem to go everywhere.

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