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15 Aug

Falling in Love With Bean Bag Sofas


Since the 1960s, many individuals, groups and families have fallen in love with the bean bag sofa, also known as the beanbag couch. This is not surprising considering the many benefits that beanbag furniture brings to users, of which the most obvious would be its soft surface. You can lie down on the bean bag and it will offer comfort for your tired body like no other furniture can.

In the early days, the bean bag sofa was made of Styrofoam beads that initially offered the expected comfort. As time passed on, however, the beads started to break down and the whole sofa just seemed to flatten like a pancake overnight! Of course, gone were the days when the beanbag couch offered the anticipated comfort, stability and beauty, which was a shame considering the price you paid for it.

Fortunately, better materials came along, of which polyurethane foam was the best amongst the lot. For the information of everybody, the polyurethane foam used in the bean bag sofa is memory foam shredded to fit. Thus, users get the comfort of memory foam in stylish furniture without spending hundreds of dollars. Keep in mind that memory foam is not exactly the cheapest mattress in the block by virtue of its manufacturing costs and excellent benefits so you grab what you can when affordable products with memory foam like the beanbag couch comes along.

Now, you may be asking what makes memory foam so special that it will make you fall in love with the bean bag sofa even more. Well, memory foam conforms to your body shape either because of the pressure exerted upon it or because of the heat generated by your body. Both ways, you end up with lesser aches and pains especially on your pressure points when using the bean bag sofa since there is little to no pressure exerted on them. In fact, memory foam has been used with great success to alleviate the symptoms of individuals with fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, and other conditions that require prolonged bed rest.

Also, you will find that memory foam springs back faster from the pressure exerted upon it. Thus, there is very little need to fluff the bean bag sofa after each use as it will go back to its original shape within minutes. Such quality also makes the memory foam the most durable of its kind. Now, what pocket will not fall in love with such an excellent value for your money?

Well, of course, it is not just the inside that will make you fall in love with the beanbag couch. After all, who wants to display ugly furniture even when it offers comfort to all and sundry? Indeed, for great value for your money, it is important that the proper balance between comfort, durability and beauty must be achieved and this is where the modern bean bag sofa also satisfies.

You can choose from many sizes, shapes and styles of the beanbag couch and sofa. The trick is in choosing which one suits your needs the best. You have to consider the number of people using it, the size of the room where it will be placed and the general decor since you want it to blend seamlessly and still afford you the comfort you expect from the furniture.

Yet another quality of the bean bag sofa that you will fall in love with is its versatility. You can place it just about anywhere in the house or in the room and it will still look and feel good. Now, can you honesty say that of any other furniture of its kind such as the bed?

You can place the bean bag sofa in the living room, cover it with your best sofa cover if you want to and voila! You have elegant, comfortable and durable furniture with which to entertain your family and guests. Or you can place it in your bedroom as your de-facto bed, which will provide the best sleep you have had in years. Or you can put it in the theater area to provide the best seats in the house, literally. Or do what others do with their bean bag sofa: They give it to their college kids to function as a sofa-and-bed in one!

This is definitely better than the ugly and uncomfortable sofa-bed that came with the room. Indeed, with qualities such as these, you will definitely fall in love with the bean bag sofa. You might even fall in love in it as you cuddle with your boyfriend there.

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