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11 Oct

How to choose a variety of bean bag?

Bean bags are also called lazy sofas.

1. Lazy sofa – personality

We first lazy sofa as the theme of entry point. Lazy sofa is a large bag, and then filled inside the high-density polystyrene particles, which is also applied to the non-woven ventilation better sets. The reason is called “lazy sofa”, because it is very casual shape, not subject to the limitations of some of the rules, giving a free, casual comfort.


Lazy sofa – cute

Now a lot of mother buy the beanbag for their child, they choose some home design, will prefer to choose more cute, free for the design, not only requires the appearance of lovely, but also have practical features. So choose the following this lovely lazy sofa, my child will certainly shout “Kawaii.”



Lazy sofa – fresh

Different character will choose a different home design, of course, if you are a quiet and uninhibited people, then select the following this fresh textile handmade lazy sofa is very good, the line of coarse ore, giving a Very stylish feel, beige design, so that this lazy sofa is more refined.


2. Lazy sofa bed – fashion

Next, we give “lazy people” look at the sofa bed design. Yellow sofa bed design, first in color to seize our eye, the sofa bed above the bracket, for us all right when the taste of coffee, play iPad, this design can really make people change “lazy”.

Lazy sofa bed – retro

Sofa bed can also be very retro, dark brown will be able to reflect one point, but now this sofa bed, it is a foldable sofa bed, if you want to use it as a sofa, just fold it ; If you are tired, put it in the above stretch is also a good choice.


Lazy sofa bed – simple

Of course, the “lazy” word, which means creativity. Usually put this sofa bed folded part of the collection, we certainly do not think it can also be used as a bed to use it? Simple design, let us experience the fun of life.


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