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25 Oct

How to maintain a variety of bean bags?

Large Beanbag3

1, the maintenance of leather bean bag

(1) strong leather absorption, should pay attention to anti-fouling, use a leather softener best in the spring, autumn festival.Do not vigorously rub the bean bag when usual wipe,so as not to damage the epidermis.
(2) If found there are holes, broken, burning phenomenon, than you should ask the professionals to clean up.
(3) leather lazy sofa should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, should not be wiped or washed with water, to avoid moisture, mold and insects.

2, the maintenance of cloth bean bag
(1) Vacuum at least once a week, pay attention to remove dead ends of rooms, fabric structure between the dust.
(2) If the mat can be reversed for use, should be turned once a week, so that uniform wear and tear distribution.Can also often take the pad to beat outdoors, loose internal fibers, to maintain the flexibility of bean bags.
(3) If found to loosen the thread, do not hand tear, with scissors neat to trim.

3,the maintenance of wooden bean bags
(1) wooden bean bag avoid moisture, sunlight, such as placing the window should be set up curtains.
(2) wipe with a damp cloth should wipe with a dry cloth immediately.Due to a variety of furniture surface paint different, should pay attention to the use of different maintenance methods, wax is a good method for maintenance.

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