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11 Mar

Large Bean Bag – Why Every Home Needs One

Large Bean Bag – Why Every Home Needs One

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As a child I always wanted a bean bag and was never allowed one. Our home was filled with antiques and a bright, comfy, large bean bag simply would not have fit in, or so I thought! This Christmas my Mum bought a huge purple beanbag from Elephant Bean Bags for my disabled sister and when she is not home everyone in the family wants to be the one sitting on it, or rather sitting in it, since due to the size of the beanbag it kind of envelops you like a big, squishy hug.

We were unsure as to how well the beanbag would support the person sitting in it, especially as my sister is disabled and is not able to support herself as well as the rest of us can. To our delight the bean bag chair offers excellent support for her back and arms. I must admit I was afraid that she may fall from the beanbag if someone was not there to offer extra stability, but the beans support her in such a way that she is perhaps, even more stable than when she sits in her expensive, especially made arm chair.

There are many different brands of huge beanbags on the market, but Elephant Bean Bags is becoming well known for quality, comfort and fantastic, bright colours. Here are some reasons why you may want to buy a large beanbag.

1. Comfort – Trust me, there is nothing more comforting than sinking into a beanbag at the end of a hard day’s work. I love even regular sized bean bags, but the large ones are big enough to lay on, or use like a regular chair.

2. Design – Yup, bean bags are making a design come back. They are stylishly retro and come in such an array of colours, you will find one to go with any room.

3. Kids Love Them – I’m an adult and I love big beanbags, but there is something about them that kids just can’t resist. If you find it hard to get your kids to sit down and relax, a jumbo bean bag may be just what you need.

4.Pamper Your Pooch- Many beanbag companies offer bean bags especially for pets. If you want your pets to indulge in a but of comfy luxury, treat them to a beanbag dog or cat bed.

5. Great for Those in a Wheelchair – For people, like my sister, who need to use a wheelchair, a large beanbag is a great way to relax muscles and bring comfort when it’s time to chill out at home. Even for the severely disabled, who may not be able to support their upper body, a jumbo beanbag offers excellent support and stability.

6. Amazing gift idea- I was pretty impressed when my Mum told me she was getting my sister a huge, purple beanbag and thinking about it, nearly everyone I know would love a big beanbag as a gift, especially my dog!

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