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01 Apr

More About Bean Bags

More About Bean Bags

Large Beanbag

Many bean bags have replaced most of our wooden sofas and chairs. These are comfortable pieces of fancy furniture made of special soft materials with fillings inside. The bean bag follows the contour or shape of the user sitting on it.

It makes sitting more relaxing as one snugs in place. They provide versatile and quick ways to practically furnish any room in your home. It can put in the living room, music room or bedroom.

With the assortment of styles that has come out for bean bags such as teardrop and lounger styles, there are also the types that feature armrests. There are also those that serve similar functions with an ottoman. Right now, it is even sold in various sizes, having animal shapes and designs.

When looking for an affordable addition to your living room, bean bags can very well fit the criteria. This is particularly for people who prefer to blend comfortable furniture with a somewhat casual style. There are those that have removable covers or those that are made from different fabrics like faux leather, cotton twill, velvet and vinyl types. These bags are either stuffed with polystyrene beads or foam stuffing. They are sealed bags that contain PVC pellets or dried beans having various applications.

Amongst the various fillings, dried beans are proven to be the most common because they are cheaper and very easy to find. Hence, when bought in bulk, they can still be a bit expensive. This is due to the volume necessary to fill each bag. A good alternative can be synthetic filler. Another option is rice. But even if rice is cheaper as compared to dried beans, it can experience moisture problems.

The concept behind this invention is to create stylish furniture that can be mobile. We are so used to the traditional bulky furniture, finding it hard to move it from one room to another. This is why the design of the bean bag has received praises, particularly because of the convenience it provides. It can adapt to different body shapes. A good example is the Sacco which had a headrest. In modern bean bags, its head area is not featured as a distinct component but a part of the accentuated bean bag already.

At current, there is a vast assortment of styles and colors for these bean bags. This is since sturdier fabrics are a bit easier to clean and maintain, requiring less care. Aside from this, darker colors can showcase fewer stains and marks as compared to fabrics with lighter colors. Thus, there is also the advent of organic bean bags.

These eco-friendly bean bags not only present organic necessity and practicality. Of course, coming from organic components, it is way cheaper than the usual bean bags. Their stuffing is derived from recycled plastics and the like. Their covers are not only machine washable but they are also fully removable.

Bean bags were first produced for single seating only. But there have been several modifications done since it first came out. Today we can see bean bags that look like a sofa. Two or three people can sit on it the same time.

Many people use bean bags alternately as a small bed where one can take a quick nap. It can also be used when watching TV or studying ones lessons.

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