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04 Nov

The measures for clean bean bag


1, Cleaning of the leather beanbag

(1)With a clean towel dipped in water after wiping the bean bag sofa once a week.
(2) If the leather has stains, you can uses wipe with a clean wet sponge dipped in detergent, or with a cloth dipped in the appropriate concentration of soapy water scrub, and then let it dry naturally.


2, Cleaning of the cloth beanbag

(1)If stained with stains, you can use a clean rag dipped in water to wipe. In order not to leave the imprint, it is the best way is wipe the dirt from the outside. But the velvet furniture can not be wet, should use dry cleaning agent.
(2)All cloth cover and bushing should be dry cleaning method, not washing, prohibit bleaching.


3, Cleaning of the wood sofa

(1)clean wood beanbag can use a neutral soap soaked in warm water (about 1:20 ratio) mixed wipe, and then wipe with water, dry with a dry cloth, can reduce the chance of stains stuck in the wooden furniture surface .
(2)Can also purchase wooden furniture maintenance oil spray, can play a protective role.

These three way are either adapt to cleaning other furniture.

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